Taking A Break? Hackers Don’t

By Caleb Gau, CEO Cybots. December 14, 2020

The cyber landscape of the 2020s will be more lethal and more mecurial than any decade prior.The past week incidents to Google and Fireye serves as a cold reminder that no organization is safe!

“Can these tools be used to attack my organization?”

I entered last weekend excited with great anticipation of the NFL match where the Tampa Bay Buccaneer meets the Minnesota Vikings. The score went 26 – 14 to the Buccaneers. While we are all taking our weekend break, I believe some of the most rampant hacking activities was still ongoing as we read the next day on Google outages, just barely a week after Fireye disclosed that its own files were hacked

“CyCraft Intelligence Analysis. Find out the 11 tools confirmed to have been distributed into the wild”

Quoted a CyCraft’s senior analyst “A key concern that has not been addressed by most media coverage is the possibility of stolen confidential threat intelligence on high profile threat groups. FireEye, according to their filed SEC10-K Report for 2019, has a revenue of 889.2 million USD with customers located across the globe. It is safe to say that FireEye’s threat intelligence exceeds most state intelligence agencies’ and it has potentially been stolen.”

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