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Cybots Solution Overview Webinar Highlights In the situation that we are all in, we realize that no one is exempted from the attack of the

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Glocomp executive director Alex Liew described the partnership as a strategic move to make advanced cybersecurity solutions more accessible throughout Malaysia.

The focus on cybersecurity in the MyDIGITAL initiative is a welcome and long overdue addition to the Malaysian digital agenda, according to industry players who spoke to Digital Edge.

Cybots Alliance, Executive VP Rodney Lee emphasised, “Incident response is probably another standard operating procedure for you, but when you need to use them, you need incident response to be Faster, Accurate, Conclusive and Timely.”


What is Kaseya attack?

How Threat Actors used the REvil Ransonware-as-a-Service Executive Summary This document describes the recent Kaseya VSA cyberattack. This massive attack was launched against around 50

CVE-2021-1675 Printnightmare

CVE-2021-1675 (CVE-2021-34527) PrintNightmare

This vulnerability is also known as PrintNightmare and the Print Spooler Bug. Microsoft also recently renamed this new vulnerability CVE-2021-34527. The original CVE-2021- 1675 was patched due to allowing an EoP hole; however, further issues were brought to light that CVE-2021- 1675 could also be used for RCE. This is the vulnerability to which we are referring.


MITRE ATT&CK Evaluations Round 2

From over 1,200 cybersecurity vendors in the market today, only 21 of those selected were confident to participate in round 2 of the MITRE ATT&CK evaluations. CyCraft is excited to join the MITRE ATT&CK evaluations against the simulation of APT29/Cozy Bear.


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