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In the situation that we are all in, we realize that no one is exempted from the attack of the Covid19 virus, irrespective of status or nationality. In the same way, Cyber attacks are no respecter of person nor organization. At some time, it doesn’t even bother if you’re protected by Firewalls, APT appliances, IPS, Antivirus, etc… and the scary thing is, they are using Artificial Intelligence and coordinated attacks to distract, to phish and then to ransom you.

Join us in our 4 part series, where we will share with you 4 key areas of considerations for working from home.
1. Security Considerations
2. Visibility Considerations
3. Incident and Response Considerations
4. Risks Considerations

Security Considerations
Date : Tuesday, 19 May 2020 Time : 03:00 PM-03:30 PM SGT (2:00PM-2:30PM BKK)

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Profile of Rodney Lee

With over 30 years of experiences in the ICT industry, Rodney has spent the last 20 years building IT Security practices, since the advent of firewall solutions in Malaysia in 1999. He started building SOC practices in 2002 and continues to provide consultancy and services for customers across industries. Rodney began his career in Oil & Gas Industry, and has since built a wealth of experiences supporting customers across various industries such as Government, FSI and Telco.

Rodney is passionate about cybersecurity trends and practices and shares his thought leadership regularly at many key industry Forums such as Asia Business Forum, Annual IT Security Forums, BNM-RMiT forums and countless seminars across ASEAN countries, including sharing the stage with Professor Ted Humphrey (the father of ISO27001) in a ISO27001 conference. He also regularly speaks in one of the state Govt’s CIO/CISO Summit and worked closely with another state Govt to build their SOC.

As a passionate practitioner of Cyber Security, Rodney personally runs a Cyber Security Threat and Incident Notification Broadcast to more than 150 CIOs/CISOs since 2015.

Rodney is currently the Executive VP of Cybots Alliance, an AI based AMDR solution company powered by Cycraft