Work From Home Part 1

Cybots Solution Overview Webinar Highlights In the situation that we are all in, we realize that no one is exempted from the attack of the Covid19 virus, irrespective of status or nationality. In the same way, Cyber attacks are no respecter of person nor organization. At some time, it doesn’t even bother if you’re protected […]

Cybots Alliance’s Inaugural Cybersecurity Seminar

Articles  /  Other Articles  /  Cybots Alliance’s Inaugural Cybersecurity Seminar Cybots Alliance’s Inaugural Cybersecurity Seminar BANK FRAUD – MAY 25, 2019 Share on facebook Share on linkedin Share on email Webinar Highlights On Friday, 29 March 2019, Cybots Alliance held its first exclusive Cybersecurity Seminar – “Staying on top of Cyber Security” – featuring world […]

Exclusive Webinar Indonesia Feb 2021

Securing your data with Cybots AI Solution ” Exclusive Webinar for Indonesia Only​ “ Are you facing these challenges? Come and find out how we can help you : Trend of Cyber Attacks in the modern days Have full visibility of your endpoints Integrate and link and analyse traffic from each endpoint Provide you with […]