Turnkey Cybersecurity Services

Cybots offers bespoke services tailored to your needs to enable you to address specific issues you may face. Whether it is Building, Managing, Consulting or Testing, we take an outcome-driven approach to solving your problems.

Compromise Assessment Services

You will receive an eradication plan with complete site-wide hacker tools and behaviour analysis within 1 day of our scanner runs. This comes via the seamless collaboration of our expert team of analysts, our virtual forensic analyst AI and attacker behaviour modelling technology. Your CA (Compromise Assessment) report includes a complete site-wide analysis of risks and exposures, security hygiene issues and suspicious behaviour analysis. Our CA Services team walks you step-by-step through your CA report. We also provide guidance to enhance your ability to rapidly and effectively respond to future security incidents.

Incident Response and Fast Forensic Services

Our Incident Response (IR) & Fast Forensic Services team will walk you step-by-step through a fully actionable report within 1 day of our scanner runs. We’ve assisted dozens of international organizations in investigating critical security incidents, conducting thorough digital forensic analyses and accelerating maturity in long-term security solutions. Is your network air-gapped or segmented? We can handle it. Our IR & Fast Forensic Services can run investigations on-site with an assurance of data privacy and zero data leakage.

Threat Intelligence

External Threat Intelligence with Global Insight

• References Global Library of breaches and methods

• Complete information security dictionary to support 14 categories of threat indicators

• References over 20 threat intelligence sources

Advanced Managed Detection and Response (AMDR)

Cybots Advanced MDR is unique in its accuracy in detecting malicious behavior. We are able to continuously monitor and manage the cyber situation of even large-scale enterprises with thousands of endpoints. Unlike other services, we generate fully actionable reports, review them with you step-by-step and confirm eradication of threats.

MITRE ATT&CK Evaluations Round 2


From over 1,200 cybersecurity vendors in the market today, only 21 of those selected were confident to participate in round 2 of the MITRE ATT&CK evaluations. CyCraft is excited to join the MITRE ATT&CK evaluations against the simulation of APT29/Cozy Bear.