Join the Alliance and Enhance Your Capabilities

Cybots Alliance Partners combine their Expertise and Services with Cybots to provide clients with best-in-class Cybersecurity Solutions that are Integrated, Effective and Up-to-Date.

Cybots Alliance Partners can effectively address the needs of their clients through pooling of their expertise and products to provide compliant and best-in-class solutions. This also enhances the ability to win contracts.

We have Partners through Cybots Alliance. This is an Alliance of Cybersecurity Partners throughout the region that are committed to providing their clients with comprehensive solutions.

Overcome Challenges by Combining Strengths

The stand-alone cybersecurity vendor or systems integrator faces a multitude of challenges when competing for projects. The fast-paced evolution of hacker’s tactics and techniques makes it difficult for the lone operator to keep up-to-date with the latest combination of solutions necessary in a competitive environment of shifting goal posts.

Cybots Alliance Partners benefit from pooled resources and products that enable them individually to offer current and effective solutions for their clients. This pool includes certified expertise and compliance with industry standards.

The combined strength of the pool not only enables a Partner to offer the best solutions, but also enhances the ability to win contracts.

Products and Technical Expertise

Cybots Alliance Partners are able to tap on a wide range of products and expertise to meet their client’s needs.
The Solutions offered by Cybots are comprehensive and cover key aspects of Cybersecurity that the market is looking for:

  • AI-driven Threat Hunting
  • Speed
  • Accuracy
  • Ease of Deployment
  • SOC build and maintenance
  • Updated databases of tactics and techniques
  • Testing, Consulting and Compliance

Alliance Partners offer better Solutions and enhance their Competitiveness through:

  • Collaboration
  • Pooled Resources
  • Pooled Expertise
  • Joint Marketing
  • Greater Geographical Coverage

Join The Alliance

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