24/7 Proactive threat hunting

Today’s security threats is growing at an exponential rate and companies are often overwhelmed coping with increasing security budgets and a lack of skilled cybersecurity experts. With our AMDR services, companies can lean on our AI-Driven threat hunting solutions and expertise to keep their organisation safe.

Whether you are running an in-house or outsourced SOC (Security Operations Center), our Advanced Managed Detection  and Response provide you with 24×7 critical alert monitoring, advanced threat hunting, AI-driven investigations to significantly improve your organization’s threat detection and response effort.

Cyber Threats Don't Sleep. Neither Do We.

Organizations face a myriad of threats ranging from script kiddies to state-sponsored advanced persistent threats. Our AMDR Services are here to help you detect threats to your organisation around the clock. 

Identify Threats Fast

Studies found that organisation takes more than 200 days to identify malicious activities in their systems. We identify cyber threats and malicious activities in less than a day.

Best noise-to-signal ratio

With high visibility often comes a high volume of alerts leading to alert fatigue. With Cybots AMDR we achieved a high Signal-to-Noise Ratio of 96.15%, eliminating alert fatigue through clear and precise automated intelligence reports.

gain situational awareness

Full awareness on a operational and a site-wide level, giving you the ability to be able to look well beyond simple incident data to identify threat actors, recognize trends in their activities, and expose their malicious objectives.

AI Automated investigation

Pure out-of-the-box AI investigation triggered upon detection of high severity alerts with zero configuration changes needed. Giving organisations the power to defend against cyber attacks without hiring additional cybersecurity analysts.

Advanced managed detection and response

All levels of our Advanced Managed Detection and Reponse service includes 24x7 monitoring




Scanning every endpoint, process, file

IAM (Identity Access Management) across entire network

Automated investigations triggered upon detection of a high severity alert (level 7 – 10)

Full site-wide forensic analysis by AI

Link Each step of the attack

Provide full context for each step of the attack

Report that informs which processes to stop

Identify files to delete

Identify Malware to remove

List of infected user accounts

List of URLs, IP addresses, domains to block

Additional analysis by human security analysts.

Threat Hunting Alerts

Detection time for cyber threat

90 mins

45 mins

15 mins

Cyber Situation Reports**

Auto Generated Actionable Report

Generation time for Cyber Situation Report

24 hours

16 hours

6 hours

Full storylines of any & all malicious activity

Malicious domain, IP, URL analysis

Malware analysis

Graphs of all affected nodes and executions

Step-by-step plan for eradication

Eradication confirmation

Root cause analysis

Global Cyber Threat Intelligence



MITRE ATT&CK mapping

Analyst Recommendation & Interpretation on report

Chargeable man hour

Limited support

Full support


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