Cybots AI Suite of Cybersecurity Solutions

Cybots offers a Suite of Security Services that incorporate next-generation AI-driven technology that achieved Analytic Detection Coverage in All 20 Major Attack Steps in MITRE.

fast incident response


You will receive an eradication plan with complete site-wide hacker tools and behaviour analysis within 1 day of our scanner runs. This is facilitated by the seamless collaboration between our expert analysts, our virtual forensic analyst AI and attacker-behaviour modelling technology.


Group 1265


We provide automated forensic analysis across multiple levels of context that includes the intricate relationships between each of those levels of context.

Group 1264


Our IR Services Team walks you through fully-actionable eradication plans, explaining each step simply and clearly.

Group 1270


We rescan and confirm eradication with cyber threat intel from multiple major proprietary sources, organizations across the globe and through our rigorous AI-driven vetting process.


Advanced Managed Detection and Response

24 / 7 Proactive Threat Hunting

Today cybersecurity issues are becoming a day-to-day struggle for businesses. One of the biggest concerns for businesses is the cybersecurity skills gap.

Leverage on our AI-Powered Advanced Managed Detection and Response (MDR), uniquely designed to detect malicious behavior and continuously monitor and manage the cyber situation of your business. 


Compromise assessment

Do You Know Your

Security Posture?

A compromise assessment or threat assessment differs from your day-to-day intrusion detection. 

Our Compromise Assessment services is an independent, evidence-based assessment to uncover vulnerabilities, possible exploits, breaches and indicators of a successful compromise. So you will know with certainty whether your business is well protected from threat actors.

incident response

Fast Incident Response & Forensics Service

Dealing with a data breach is a stressful experience. Should a data breach occur in your business, we can help you uncover the cause of the breach. Most often the breach is caused by a hacker, or it may be a negligent employee.

We help you scan for the threat, provide you with actionable insights and full storyline for root cause analysis, so that you can gain control of the situation.


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