In everything that we do, we are guided by  three critical brand values.


We think like hackers to anticipate their next move and keep you safe.


We work with renowned strategic partners to create innovative solutions.


We communicate simply since nobody likes nerd speak.

Our Cybersecurity Solutions
at a glance

Cybots offers a Suite of Security Services that incorporate
next-generation AI driven technology.

Fast in addressing challenges

Accurate in identifying Threats
and Vulnerabilities

Processes are Simple, Streamlined
and Intuitive to use

Thorough and Conclusive – removes
uncertainties and guesswork

Cybersecurity is complex,
but there are solutions

Cybersecurity is a complex and evolving space. Hackers are constantly looking to exploit vulnerabilities wherever they can find them and deploy strategies with multiple layers to evade detection.

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Irma Group Company Annual Meeting 2022

October 2022 – IRMA Group gathered key staff in Malacca (Malaysia) to share their corporate activities, plans and explore areas of cross-entity synergy that could be leveraged on to benefit the Group. Over four days of intense meetings, staff from Cybots, Ark Insights and Irma Insights shared ideas, achievements and aspirations. This was punctuated by some great recreational activities and meals.

The meetings served to create pathways and connections for cross-entity business synergy. It also included identification of new business opportunities and areas of expansion.

The event was a great success and plans are already unfolding for the next one.

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