24×7 Managed Security Services

24×7 Monitoring. SIEM and SOC Building. Log Management Services

24×7 Managed Security Services

24×7 Perimeter Defense

24×7 Monitoring is essential to maintaining effective Cybersecurity as Hackers may strike when you least expect it. Establishing ‘tripwires’ alerts you from the inception of a Hacker Event.

Early detection of complex attacks facilitates early disruption and protects the organization from the most serious intrusions. Perimeter defense provides constant monitoring of Threats and possible Attack Vectors.

24×7 Managed Detection and Response

Cybots AI-driven MDR incorporates Automation and Integration to provide you with best-in-class end-point solutions for your cyber defense. Early detection facilitates early disruption and containment.

Automation facilitates low touch, high-efficiency and less human error.

Integration facilitates, context, streamlined workflow, and reduced system count and expense.

24×7 Managed SOC Services

Our engineers have vast experience in SOC Build, Operation and Training.

We are able to provide a flexible array of operation management levels from Fully-Managed to Hybrid-Managed services to fit our clients’ operational requirements. This eliminates the need for the client to maintain staff levels overnight.

Filtered Analysis

Only highlights abnormal and relevant behaviour at the endpoint. This focusses the analysis on relevant alerts and de-clutters the data.

This facilitates prioritization of alert triage and reduces the time necessary to identify and deal with the most serious alerts.

Validated Analysis

Information from monitoring agents are compared against known tactics and techniques to validate an alert or threat.

Security Solutions may generate thousands of alerts each day. The AI preforms analysis on these alerts and highlights those of concern.

This validation allows ranking of alerts to facilitate the prioritization of mitigation actions.

Refined Learned Outcomes

AI combines Forensic Telemetry Analysis (FTA), lateral movement correlation, malware modelling, and global threat intelligence to a single platform for orchestrated and automated security operation.

The AI learns from observations and references to refine its conclusions on an ongoing basis.

24x7 Managed Security Service Challenges

• Costs to ownership of a SOC
• Maintaining trained staff levels to effectively operate a SOC
• Operating a SOC on a 24×7 basis to cover monitoring gaps that a hacker might exploit
• Addressing new threats that require constant updating

We assess all security measures for your organization. We analyse security systems, study potential breaches, and supervise the implementation of solutions. We are able to address your security needs relating to People, Processes and Technology.

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