Next-Gen Security Operations Center (SOC)

Fast – Accurate – Simple – Thorough

Cybots Next Generation SOC

Cybots harnesses deep experience from our experts in building and maintaining SOCs in the Region.
We build Next Generation SOCs that focus on:

• Business Support
• Detection
• Incident Response
• Prevention

Our experts are available to help you navigate the configurations and establish an effective SOC.

Identify & Respond To Threats

In-Depth Visibility

We add end-points monitoring into infrastructure to provide context to alerts the system generates.

Cybots SOC Solution provides specifics on identifying Threats and Vulnerabilities.

Facilitates focus on critical points and issues.

Actionable Incident Response

Lighten Analytical Workload

Key Features

Business Support

The Cybots SOC provides data that facilitates in-depth visibility and enhances the value of your business team.

This increased visibility has applications that can positively impact your business. For instance, Marketing can uncover the source of valid sales leads.


Automate and Integrate your Detection capabilities. This gives you the ability to have complete visibility of your network.

  • AI-driven Threat Hunting – Fast and Accurate.
  • Low-Touch
  • High Efficiency

Incident Response

Timely detection facilitates speedy return of your business back to BAU in the shortest time possible.

  • Thorough, leaving no stone unturned.
  • AI-generated – Provides a complete plan.
  • Fast – critical in a time-sensitive environment.


Cybots Solution references Global Threat Libraries that are constantly updated for new tactics and techniques.

  • AI-driven validation – enhanced accuracy in Threat Hunting.
  • Facilitates timely mitigation.
  • AI-driven Machine Learning improves Threat Intelligence.

Key Deliverables

24x7 Perimeter

  • 24×7 Monitoring is essential to maintaining effective Cybersecurity as Hackers may strike when you least expect it.
  • Establishing ‘tripwires’ alerts you from the inception of a Hacker Event.
  • Early detection of complex attacks facilitates early disruption and protects the organization from the most serious intrusions.
  • Constant monitoring of Threats and possible Attack Vectors.

Automated Vulnerability Scanning

  • AI-driven systems automatically reference Global Threat Libraries for updated tactics and techniques.
  • Automate Threat Hunting with the latest intelligence.
  • Eliminate manual referencing and human error.

24x7 Managed Detection & Response

  • Cybots AI-driven MDR incorporates Automation and Integration to provide you with best-in-class solutions for your cyber defense.
  • Early detection facilitates early disruption and containment.
  • Automation facilitates low touch, high-efficiency and less human error.
  • Integration facilitates streamlined workflow and reduced system count and expense.

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The meetings served to create pathways and connections for cross-entity business synergy. It also included identification of new business opportunities and areas of expansion.

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