Your Data may be on sale

Your brand, your customers, your accounts, your data, and your infrastructure are all at risk in today’s cybersecurity ecosystem. You and your partners’ sensitive data resides on the deep, dark, and even surface web.

Every day, adversaries are buying and selling intelligence on potential targets: accounts, passwords, documents, spreadsheets, emails, as well as other data and communications.

After that, it’s only a matter of time before your intel is leveraged against you in order to infiltrate your organization, exploit it, disrupt it, and exfiltrate even more sensitive data. Risk no longer exists solely within your digital environment but beyond your firewall as well.

Gain sight beyond sight. Risk Intelligence (RiskINT) enhances proactive defense capabilities, giving you the time necessary to prepare an effective defense to better protect your brand, intellectual property, and technology infrastructure.

Gain granular visibility into your leaked accounts, passwords, documents located on the dark web, and
phishing domains targeting your enterprise.




What is RiskINT Risk Intelligence?

RiskINT is a granularly detailed report covering:

See which of your domains and accounts are for sale on the dark web, including usernames, passwords, and cookies.

See what sensitive documents have been leaked into the wild, including purchase order forms, product specs, and employee personal information.

See credential leaks from third-party services, including usernames, passwords, and hashed passwords

See risky phishing domains, which have names similar to your branding—triaged by projected severity of impact from our global threat intelligence surveillance platform.


Cybercriminals do not always ask the organisation they stole from for ransom. They may simply sell it on the dark web, or even disguise themselves as your organisation.

We can analyse activities on the dark web for leaked data, stolen credentials, and phishing websites for our clients.


  • every website you’ve ever heard of
  • websites indexed by contemporary search engines

DEEP WEB (95%)

  • cloud storage, government documents, financial records, subscription data, legal documents


  • Onion sites, black market, drug trafficking, money laundering, private communications

RiskINT Pro: Phishing & BEC

In addition to leveraging valid accounts and leaked documents for initial access, adversaries also phish, leading to business email compromise (BEC). Phishing can come in the form of websites used to spread disinformation and damage your brand’s reputation.

RiskINT Pro defends against this by providing proactive phishing intelligence. Know what domains to look out for, which ones mimic your domains, and which ones are malicious.

RiskINT Premium: Leaked Documents

Attackers use phishing emails and compromised accounts to break in often with the purpose of obtaining sensitive information. But in many cases, that information is already available on the deep and dark web. RiskINT Premium takes you behind the scenes to show you what is already out there for sale, allowing you to take action and prevent further damage.

RiskINT Pro defends against this by providing proactive phishing intelligence. Know what domains to look out for, which ones mimic your domains, and which ones are malicious.



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