The new X-SOC security platform uniquely allows managed security service providers (MSSP) to cohesively deliver our Advanced Managed Detection and Response (AMDR) Reporting to large and geographically dispersed endpoints while maintaining our vision of keeping cybersecurity 

Fast / Accurate / Simple / Thorough.

Sleek and intuitive user interface and AI-driven technology allows one cybersecurity analyst to cover over 150,000 endpoints from multiple customers or one globally dispersed customer.

We have successfully deployed X-SOC in our client environment, and the new Cybersecurity platform has proven to efficiently and effectively provide visibility into an environment’s overall cybersecurity situation while simultaneously managing threat hunting alerts and our automated digital forensic reports, as well as handling licensing, scanning, and easily troubleshoot large deployments.

Our X-SOC cybersecurity platform has seen success in securing large, varied, and disperse systems for both managed MSSP and MDR providers serving globally dispersed customers or even large multinational enterprises with offices in multiple geographic locations.

Advanced Managed Detection and Response (AMDR) Reports

Our AMDR Reports provide SOC analysts and IT teams with near-real-time automated threat triage, correlation analyses, auto-investigations, and fully automated attack storylines correlating each malicious action performed through the entirety of the attack, from initial access to the projected objectives—with zero false positives and delivered in minutes.

Automatic Intelligent Resilient (AIR) Platform

Our AMDR Reporting is delivered through our AIR platform – an AI-powered digital forensics, threat detection and response platform. AIR specializes in malicious behavior detection and is capable of continuously monitoring and managing the cyber situation of even large-scale enterprises with hundreds of thousands of endpoints.

Due to the complexity, speed, and sophistication of modern business and modern cyber attackers, 100% prevention is impossible, so organizations have turned to a detection and response framework, which they are finding difficult to fully bring to fruition, so they are further seeking solutions despite the proliferation of in-house focused tools and vendors. Many organizations find that turning to AMDR (advanced managed detection and response) is the only solution that gets the results they need to fully address modern cyber threats.

Cybertotal Threat Intelligence

Sharing threat intelligence and related security information has become an important early action mechanism to prevent and respond to attacks; however, traditional Cybersecurity Threat Intelligence (CTI) is dominated by exchanging static blacklists of IPs, domains, and MD5s, lacking higher-level attacker intelligence.

Cybot’s Cyber Intel team has long tracked various forms of intrusion, provided historical information on APT groups, and brought together various global CTI sources of information* to provide high-quality threat intel and help companies quickly through AI automated correlation analysis and knowledge base optimization to identify threats and verify security alerts.

Fortify your cyberdefense with Cybots Advanced Managed Detection and Response powered by global threat intelligence.


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