Safeguard your business

Proactively protect your business from costly impact and disruption of cybercrime with unique AI-powered cybersecurity solutions by Cybots. Our first-of-its-kind technology delivers advanced protection, fast detection, and no downtime in the event of a threat.

Bringing global expertise and solutions down under

We’re on a mission is to make cybersecurity easier, flexible and more affordable for every business as the influx of cybercrime continues to grow across Australia and New Zealand.

We founded Cybots in Singapore in 2018, and now we’re bringing our award-winning solutions to Australia and New Zealand. As the region’s first AI-powered cybersecurity specialists, we design and tailor solutions that help businesses advance their protection against fast-growing and complex cybercrime.

Our unique systems are built to the specific needs of all small to medium enterprises with 200 employees or more, and comprehensively support the cybersecurity strategy developed by the Australian Government.

Stay ahead of cybercrime

Get back to business faster with effective and simple solutions from Cybots.

Advanced Management Detection And Response

24/7 proactive threat monitor, improve cyber threat defence, reduce security investment

Compromise Assessment

Discover threats in action with full visibility of malicious activity. Learn more here

Incident Response

Contain threats and minimise impact with automated and accurate threat investigation
and analyses

CyberTotal Threat Intelligence

Identify threats and verify security alerts quickly with
AI automated analysis

Cybercrime - a sophisticated enemy

Australian businesses are an increasingly prime target for cybercriminals, with 67,500 incidents reported in 2020/21, costing $1 billion each year.

Australian cybercrime rose by 13% in 2020/21

$33 billion lost by businesses that reported cybercrime

Medium businesses lost $33,442 on average due to cybercrime in 2020/21

Small businesses lost $8,899 on average due to cybercrime in 2020/21

Professional, health care, education, financial and insurance were key targets of cybercriminals in 2020/21

87% of SMEs believe antivirus software alone can protect their business from cyberattacks, yet 64% have experienced disruption from cybercrime

“The rising number of cyberattacks signals the need for automated security response to augment current mostly-manual capabilities. At UQ Cyber, we overcome the scale problem by automated cyber-attack detection using machine learning. When the right algorithms are applied to the right use cases, machine learning significantly reduces the cost and time spent in detecting known and unknown attacks.”

– University of Queensland Cyber

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