About Local Buy

Cybots ANZ Pty Ltd is pleased to announce that we are now a pre-qualified supplier on Local Buy. Local Buy, established by the Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ), is a leader in the provision of procurement and probity services to 77 local Councils across Australia. 

Local Buy procurement specialists understand the critical pathways of the procurement process. Offering a range of services including streamlining procurement processes, providing extensive pre-approved supplier lists and providing ongoing support including probity.

Local Buy’s QMS is designed specifically to cover the delivery of professional services and provides the direction that informs and guides Local Buy towards the provision of the best practice in consultancy, technical advisory, training and managed services. The QMS has been developed considering the nature of its business, the risks and opportunities they face and the requirements of the clients and stakeholders.

Why Choose a Pre-Qualified Supplier

Local Buy’s strict supplier qualifying process effectively means that government can access a range of goods and services through a quotation rather than a tender process. Since 2001, Local Buy has helped to reduce the risk, time and costs associated with internal procurement processes for its government clients.

A Local Buy pre-qualified supplier undergoes an extensive and stringent process to ensure that we meet the needs of government with the procurement process. Being a pre-qualified Local Buy supplier makes the process easier for local councils and private companies to engage with Cybots for our ICT Solutions & Services. Working with a pre-qualified supplier also means having the assurance of full compliance with the local Government Act and Local Government Regulation.

Cybots have met and exceeded the legislative requirements that are important to our clients and look forward to serving the community stay safe with our cybersecurity solutions. 

For more information regarding our solutions in ANZ, please contact the following

Mr. David Toniazzo

Head of Sales, Cybots ANZ

Email: david.toniazzo@cybotsai.com 

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