Unnecessary High Costs are the Biggest Hurdle to Compliance

• Multiple technologies required
A total cyber defense plan may require the amalgamation of multiple technologies and systems to be effective. The lack of integration can cause costs to escalate as discrete pieces of the system need to be operated and managed separately.

It is essential to deploy systems designed for integration to avoid excessive and redundant systems and costs.

• Obsolescence risk
There is a high risk of obsolescence when multiple systems are deployed. Each discrete system is always at risk of being rendered out-of-date by the constant evolution of hacker tactics and techniques. When this happens, costly replacement is necessary.

• Expert staff are needed at a high cost
Complex systems require expert staff to operate and generate analysis. Expert Staff costs are being driven up by demand. The solution lies in AI-driven Automation that can stabilize staff costs by automating as much of the process and analysis as possible.

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Irma Group Company Annual Meeting 2022

October 2022 – IRMA Group gathered key staff in Malacca (Malaysia) to share their corporate activities, plans and explore areas of cross-entity synergy that could be leveraged on to benefit the Group. Over four days of intense meetings, staff from Cybots, Ark Insights and Irma Insights shared ideas, achievements and aspirations. This was punctuated by some great recreational activities and meals.

The meetings served to create pathways and connections for cross-entity business synergy. It also included identification of new business opportunities and areas of expansion.

The event was a great success and plans are already unfolding for the next one.

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